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As a focal point of the face, the nose plays an integral role in overall facial aesthetics.

Even small changes can bring dramatic improvements.  For people who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose but who don’t want to undergo surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple solution that can produce excellent results, with virtually no patient downtime. The most amazing amazing thing is that the results are obvious despite the fact that is is a non-surgical procedure.

The areas that are treated include;

  • The bump on the nose bridge
  • Low or flat bridge
  • Crooked nose
  • The nose fold

Why filler over rhinoplasty;

  • Filler provides immediate results where as surgery can take up to a year
  • Fillers are versatile because they are elastic, therefore the nose can be reshaped
  • Less pain and little to no downtime
  • A more affordable option
  • Changes can be made

Below are some examples of what can be achieved with dermal fillers.

These are are an instant “liquid nose job” or a “non surgical rhinoplasty,” that were created simply and quickly using Restylane filler. The results are immediate with the after photos taken within 30 minutes after the treatment.

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Aesthetica Skin Health & Wellness uses filler that  aesthetically sculpture to the desire effect: hollows are filled in, bumps disappear and are smoothed out by building up the surrounding low areas, tips can be elevated & scars can be filled in. A nose that may first appear to require a surgical correction, may in fact be improved relatively simple with filler reshaping.

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Special 1: New service, special price.

Aqua Gold Treatment:

Option 1:

With Vitamin C and Glutathione
Single Treatment $400
Package of 3 $960

Option 2:

With Dermal Filler, Dysport and Vitamin C
Single Treatment $999
Package of 3 $2,698

Special 2: Brand New!

FDA- approved Restylane Lyft For Hands:
$899 (Savings of $311)


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