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Face Shaping
Non-surgical face shaping and facial contouring are made possible by advanced dermal filler techniques, PDO Threads, and more. Instantly and without downtime, patients can transform contours of the face—the jawline, cheekbones, chin, brows and nose to reflect a softer and more youthful facial silhouette. Results are instant and safe, often requiring little more than a makeup touch-up to return to regular activities. Face shaping is a recommended alternative to plastic surgery—including cheek and chin implants, nose jobs, forehead lifts and face lifts—for those averse to the inherent risks of anesthesia, surgical recovery and costs associated with surgery.
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Special 1: New service, special price.

Aqua Gold Treatment:

Option 1:

With Vitamin C and Glutathione
Single Treatment $400
Package of 3 $960

Option 2:

With Dermal Filler, Dysport and Vitamin C
Single Treatment $999
Package of 3 $2,698

Special 2: Brand New!

FDA- approved Restylane Lyft For Hands:
$899 (Savings of $311)


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