Cherry Blooms

Long and Natural Lashes. Just Two Products in Three Easy Steps.

Easy to Use. Easy application in 60 seconds.  No glue or false lashes. Eyelash extensions are comfortable to wear.

Safe. Safely recreate the effect of false eyelashes while leaving behind the costs of hard glues. Does not clump, smudge or run and fibers don’t fall on your face.

Triple Effect. Create depth and definition. Increasing length and thickness by up to 300%.  Each eyelash extension kit lasts for four months worth of use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We back up our claims with loads of testimonials and a no-risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Step 1

Apply a generous coat of Transplanting Cherry Blooms
Mascara Gel
to clean dry eyelashes. About 4-5 strokes.



Step 2

Apply a coat of Fibers before Transplanting  Cherry Blooms Mascara Gel dries. Position wand in the middle of your lash and brush to the ends. Avoid fibers being too close to eyeball. About 4-5 strokes.


Step 3

Apply another coat of Transplanting Cherry Blooms Mascara Gel to seal the fibers in place. Make sure to do this well to avoid fibers falling off. About 4-5 strokes.