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Vaginal Rejuvenation

While you address aging on your more noticeable body parts, you may be thinking what you can do to enhance your most intimate area. Just like the rest of our bodies, the labia is prone to the effects of gravity as we age. And whether you’ve had one or several children, it’s likely your vaginal walls have stretched during childbirth, resulting in reduced sensation. Additionally, time and childbirth can weaken our pelvic area support systems and lead to stress incontinence. Aesthetica Skin Health & Wellness is now helping women who can alleviate these concerns and help you feel your best, even if no one knows what you’ve had done!

This new non-surgical tightening technique is similar to non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques used today—harnessing lasers. The treatment utilizes a controlled laser beam that applies concentrated thermal heating to the inner layers of vaginal tissue. The heat induces contraction of collagen and elastin and allows for long-term change by stimulating regeneration of these important proteins. Our practice at Aesthetica Skin Health & Wellness in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is a pioneer in laser technology, and the procedure we use allows for very controlled movement and laser intensity to ensure maximum comfort. Most patients report no pain and require little to no downtime after the procedure. For the best results, vaginal rejuvenation should be done as a series of treatments scheduled two to four weeks apart.

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Aqua Gold Treatment:

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