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SkinPen™ Precision

SkinPen™ is a medical grade, state of the art microneedling tool available only through skincare clinics such as Aesthetica Skin Health and Wellness. Microneedling stimulates your skin’s natural ability to repair itself and is appropriate for almost every patient and all skin types. SkinPen™ can be used on all parts of the body: face, neck, décolletage, arms, hand, legs, abdomen and back. This makes SkinPen™ especially helpful when addressing acne scars and stretch marks in addition to fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture. This minimally invasive, non-ablative treatment is quick and simple with no downtime.

How SkinPen™ Precision Microneedling Works

SkinPen™ is a medical-grade device, and works by creating a series of hundreds of microscopic channels into the dermis to stimulate the skin’s natural production of new collagen and elastin, helping skin to look and feel healthier. While multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results, noticeable results are typically seen just one week following treatment and gradually improve as the body’s healing process promotes the production of healthy, new cells and extracellular matrix (e.g., collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid). Patients with uneven skin-tone and fine lines may see results after just one treatment, while those looking to soften the appearance of acne scarring may require several treatments.

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Special 1: AquaGold—the 24K Magic Facial

A patented gold-plated hair-fine needle system that painlessly delivers custom solutions into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth.

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Results are a fresher, tighter look to your skin—an excellent “jump start” to your fall through winter skin care program.

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